L’Oréal is a world-renowned beauty brand that offers a comprehensive range of products, from makeup and haircare to skincare for both men and women. Biotherm, a subsidiary of L’Oréal, is a trusted skincare brand that provides quality products for moisturizing, exfoliating, clarifying, and hydrating the skin.


Biotherm Canada aimed to increase engagement on their Facebook and Instagram pages and generate high-quality user-generated content. However, the brand was facing difficulties creating a community of brand advocates due to the lack of audience segmentation on the global Instagram page.


To address this challenge, we launched a targeted ambassador identification campaign using paid ads on Instagram, specifically aimed at attracting audiences from the Canadian region. We also utilized a shared program link among Facebook subscribers. To incentivize users, we offered a selection of rewards based on the audience’s preferences and regional holidays like Father’s Day. Additionally, we rewarded the most active consumers with samples, which encouraged them to produce high-quality UGC.


The campaign yielded impressive results, with Canada having the highest level of engagement among 40 other countries. The campaign also generated 70% of new leads for the client, with over 1700 ambassadors and 800+ tags.


The campaign’s success led to an increase in user-generated content, engagement, and loyalty, and helped Biotherm Canada build a community of brand advocates, boosting their social media presence and sales.

"Our ambition with Spitche was to grow our database, improve our audience targeting and improve our ranking on the L’Oreal Digital Brand Pulse Index. After 6 months, 70% of our fan base were new contacts, our social ads targeting performed above our average performance and our Index also grew. Mission accomplished! It also showed us that our community is eager to show more love for our brand, and Canada is now one of the leading countries in engagement on our global social account. We are looking forward to developing a stronger connection with our fan base and give them more to look forward to!"
Laurent Dubois
Ecommerce Lead