Spitche Brand ambassador software

Spitche brand ambassador software helps you identify and reward your ambassadors.

Turn your marketing efforts into data-driven strategies built on the consumers’ needs and interests.

Social media engagement | User-generated content | Referral | Loyalty | Reward program

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The Spitche Approach


Identify the most engaged members in your community, track their online behavior, engagement, general interests, and turn them into loyal brand ambassadors.


Reward your most engaged ambassadors for their likes, comments, shares, and user-generated content on Facebook and Instagram to increase brand awareness and build trust with your visitors.


Track and understand who your ambassadors are, what motivates them, and how they interact with your brand at different journey touchpoints with accurate, owned data.


Develop customer-centric, data-driven strategies to optimize your activities and turn your marketing messages, advertising efforts, and campaigns into high ROI actions.

Spitche | Brand Ambassador Software

“Spitche is a new way to engage consumers with a unique brand experience. Thanks to the gamification system, we implemented an innovative strategy to interact with our loyal customers. It is a helpful tool to increase our ambassador engagement and multiply awareness through a real-life community that will grow our brand’s trust.

In our first two months using Spitche, we received valuable user-generated content from our community on Instagram and increased our engagement rate by +37%. For us, it is the strategy of the future.”

Anastasia Bougerolles, Marketing Lead , Decathlon

“Spitche is a new way to engage consumers with a unique brand experience” (Decathlon)

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Grow your brand with loyal brand ambassadors

Spitche | Brand Ambassador Software

Increase your organic reach and engagement

Turn passive visitors, followers, customers, and prospects into engaged ambassadors by incentivizing their social media engagement on Facebook and Instagram.

Collect user-generated content on Instagram

Encourage your ambassadors to create and share content on their social media for your brand. Collect authentic, visual social proofs and feature the photos and videos across your different communication channels.

Build brand loyalty and increase customers’ lifecycle value

Increase retention and grow your brand by looking after your existing shopper instead of running after potential new customers. Motivate your customers to purchase more often by rewarding their purchases.

Turn engagement into a source of actionable insights

Track and compile accurate engagement data along your brand journey, from discovery to advocacy. Access your ambassador CRM and central dashboard on a unique platform.

Create impactful, accurate marketing campaigns

from nano-influence campaigns to social lookalike audiences, base your marketing efforts on the data gathered. Use your ambassadors to drive your brand growth.

Spitche | Brand Ambassador Software
Spitche | Brand Ambassador Software

Set-up and launch your program in minutes

Customize your brand ambassador page, set a value to the different engagement and loyalty actions, and start communicating to your community through your website and social media.

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