Slide Spitche | Optimize your customers experience Spitche | Optimize your customers experience 86% Of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience. 49% Of buyers have made impulse purchases after receiving a more personalized experience. Sources: -

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Identify your most active and valuable customers

Analyze each step of the customers journey, identify the most engaged profiles to better understand them and optimize their experience.

By collecting data from your most engaged customers pre, during and post-purchase, you get a complete view of your customers journey, allowing you to optimize each interaction and communication.

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The purchase is only one step of your customers journey, it is the result of all the experiences leading up to the purchasing decision and the ones following it. With Spitche, identify your most valuable followers, customers and ambassadors and analyse their engagement at all the different touch-points of their journey.

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Identify the customers and followers who engage with your brand at each step of their journey by analyzing their interactions.

Our system allows you to analyze and understand the interaction at all touch-points of the customer journey and identify the most engaged profiles.

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Collect data at each individual step of the customer journey and unify it into a unique and customised data-source.

With our integrated CRM, access the collected data on all ambassadors profiles and analyse at which step of their journey they are the most engaged, and when they were last engaging with your brand.

Spitche | Optimize your customers experience



Better understand your sales and marketing funnel to target effectively your prospects with a customer-centric approach.

From more effective targeting to personalised messaging, uses the valuable data collected by your audience’s actions to better interact with your prospects along their journey.

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“Using Spitche, we managed to reach over 2.7M users in our target audience on Facebook organically, turning over 30.000 passive followers to identified and engaged ambassadors

TF1Yoann Robert, former Head of Social Media, TF1 le Groupe

Using Spitche, we found a new way to engage our community as well as an efficient tool to identify our top ambassadors. After only one month of use, results were visible and our organic reach and engagement rate on social media increased drastically (+58% and +115% respectively)”

WeekendeskXavier De Rosamel, former CMO, Weekendesk

Analyse and optimize your customers experience

Collect valuable data at each step of your customers journey by connecting your different touch points and analyze your community’s engagement

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