How it works

Engage Your Consumers Into Ambassadors​

Our end-to-end solution provides all necessary to engage your community without additional effort or investment in-house. The integration process can be completed just in few minutes


Additional average basket per customer


Identified leads within ambassadors


Increased the conversation rate


Monthly organic reach growth


Identify Ambassador

Identify your top consumers easily with our integrated CRM. Get insights into the social media profiles, names, and emails of those who frequently like, comment, and mention your brand on social media

  • Onboard your ambassadors quickly by invitation link
  • One time sign up in a few clicks by Facebook or Email login system
  • Allow them to connect their profile pages with your brand pages
  • Provide clear instructions for your ambassadors
  • Quickly identify and track your ambassadors engagement
Identify Ambassador
Gamify Engagement

Gamify Engagement

Your ambassadors are rewarded for their engagement actions on your social media pages. These engagement actions boost their level and points, unlock exclusive rewards, increase your organic reach and create authentic content (UGC)

  • Set up a customized level & points system
  • Create your rewards catalog and set value to redeem it
  • Provide bonus actions with daily
  • weekly and monthly challenges
  • Reward your top ambassadors even more
  • Personalized the gamification linked to your product launches and seasons

Collect Data​

Leverage the data and content (UGC) collected from your brand ambassadors to increase your conversion rates. Optimize your ads and target a new audience of potential consumers with similar characteristics and activity as your ambassadors

  • Optimize your brand experience
  • Match the behavior and preferences
  • Receive their identification data and opt-in
  • Export your ambassadors list in just one click
  • Create lookalike audiences
  • Use UGC with their consent
Collect Data​
Create Ambassador Campaigns

Create Ambassador Campaigns

Reduce your ads budget overdependence by collaborating with your ambassadors through powerful nano-influence campaigns

  • Create powerful missions to boost your engagement rate over your content or to generate authentic content (UGC) for a product launch
  • Launch polls and questions to conduct surveys and collect valuable feedback
  • Reach a new audience of consumers through a strong referral strategy
  • Identify your top ambassadors and customize exclusive campaigns for them

Empowering Consumer Experience

Open the limitless potential of Web3 and unlock the power of NFT campaigns through the ability of distributing exclusive products. Empower your marketing strategy to the next level and provide a truly unique experience to your ambassadors

  • Create a unique NFT experience
  • Identify NFT buyers and reach new audience
  • Track consumer personal data and sales data
  • Develop secondary market and generate royalties
Empowering Consumer Experience
Customize Marketing Automation

Customize Marketing Automation

Use the ambassador data (engagement, journey, sales, etc..) to personalize your targeting and increase your conversion rate through power marketing automation campaigns. Deliver the right message to the right person on the right channel at the right time

  • Develop your audience's customer journey
  • Build relevant target groups
  • Personalize your communication and commercial proposals
  • Optimize your marketing strategy and drive conversions.