ISC Paris (campus Orleans) is one of the leading business schools in France, and enjoys increased engagement levels and improved brand experience, thanks to Speach.

Main outcomes:

  • ISC’s ambassadors network drastically increased in less than a year using Spitche’s platform
  • The brand’s social media engagement levels are growing every month
  • The students benefiting from the rewards system have become more loyal and engaged with ISC’s extracurricular activities and promotion events
  • The school noticed the increased level of interest and new leads.

ISC Paris (Campus Orléans) is one of the leading business schools, emphasizing creative spirit, innovation, active instruction, the student life experience, and multiculturalism to provide opportunities for each of their students to reach their fullest potential. ISC is one of the schools that apply innovative approaches in their courses and how the alma mater communicates with their students and alumni outside the classrooms. ISC’s grand vision, backed up by Spitche ambassadors program, helped the school reach its strategic goals.

Before choosing Spitche’s software, ISC searched for a motivating digital solution for their active community with a point system and appealing rewards with a gamification aspect. The program team needed an easy way to track their ambassadors’ actions, points, and rewards for their online and offline engagement activities.


“For us, the most valuable feature of Spitche’s platform is the ability to design our point system and the automation of online actions points.”

A successful ambassadors program requires an effectively planned and well-managed implementation strategy to appeal to the ambassadors and fit their activity and interests. ISC did substantial homework and dedicated time to plan their strategy before introducing the program to their students.


“We worked with a group of students on the project during the summer. We organized several brainstorming sessions to identify all the classic actions our students would get rewarded for, how many points would be attributed for each action, and what rewards could be offered. Back to school, the program’s team introduced the ambassadors’ program in front of all students.”


Quality education and memorable experiences are essential, but the unique approach schools use in their communication with the students allows them to enhance the overall brand perception and get an additional promotion by working alongside current students. The word-of-mouth strategy has proved to be one of the most successful, while positive reviews by ambassadors maximize the Net Promoters Score.

“Last year, we did not have any platform to reward our students’ engagement transparently. We would give them a mark which they would discover at the end of the semester. Our “older” students were very pleased to learn about the new way to be recognized and rewarded for their engagement with the school.”

“It’s clear that these promotion efforts help to increase campus visits, interests, and enrolment applications to our school. It has also helped us to link our different school projects by rewarding our students with points for their participation.”

The team at ISC noticed a substantial impact on social media engagement after a couple of months of using Spitche’s solution.


“On social media, our engagement and reach increased significantly (from 727 average reach per post in September to 1119 in November). On Facebook, which wasn’t our student’s preferred social media (apparently, “it’s for older people”), we shifted from our Director being the most engaged ambassador to driving back our students to be engaged users on the platform! We know that it has an impact on our notoriety which is valuable for us.”

“We had excellent support from the Spitche team, helping us improve our program, our communication, and our engagement.”

"On social media, our engagement and reach increased significantly (from 727 average reach per post in September to 1119 in November). We know that it has an impact on our notoriety which is valuable for us."
Laureline La Planeta
promotion manager