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While being a small business Spitche allowed us to develop a straightforward programme to invite new and relatable nano-influencers to showcase exclusive offers and create a personal connection to a clear target audience. Easy to set up and join, Spitche has made time management for the team much easier while adding more exclusive elements to the business for said ambassadors.

Zoe Errington

Campaign Manager, Henmores


Pieces of UGC
(user-generated content)


Engagement actions on Facebook and Instagram


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The challenge

  • Henmores knew that it had top consumers and potential ambassadors, but had no centralized system to keep track of them, engage with them or reward them
  • No way to segment and directly communicate with top consumers
  • No contact and preferences data on top consumers, no way to better engage with them
  • No way to reward top consumers for engaging with their brand online


  • With Spitche, Henmores built a community of ambassadors who get rewarded for their engagement
  • Henmores has contact data, preference data, and behavioral data—making it far easier to send the right message to the right person
  • Engagement on organic social grew even higher, with over 1500 engagements on the first campaign on Facebook and Instagram
  • Henmores now has a clear, centralized line of communication with their top consumers, building further loyalty and larger order sizes


Henmores is a Premium Country retailer that provides wardrobe essentials for a healthy outdoor lifestyle, whether for a visit through town or a long trek with the dog. The Henmores team prides itself on offering the best brands with core knowledge and personal, friendly customer service.

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