Decathlon is the largest sports products retailer in the world, with over 1655 stores in more than 60 countries. Decathlon aims at providing products in 70 sports with the best quality at the lowest possible price as well as in-store and online sports expert advice for customers of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels. Before implementing Spitche into their marketing strategy, the team at Decathlon was looking for ways to support their objective of growing a community of promoters or ambassadors to help them develop the overall awareness of their brand.


To grow the brand, Anastasia, Decathlon’s Marketing Leader, and her team focused on recruiting and creating a community of brand ambassadors. The ambassadors or promoters would play the role of nano-influencers on social media by engaging with the brand, generating visual content, and organically spreading awareness amongst their communities. Spitche stood out as the right tool to leverage the power of these brand ambassadors by rewarding them for their interactions on social media with different rewards, increasing the organic reach, engagement, and overall social media performances using discount codes and special offers.


Two months after integrating Spitche into their marketing strategy and the program’s official launch, Decathlon counts with a community of more than 300 registered ambassadors, generating over 30% of the total engagement on their page.




*Results after one month using Spitche

The organic reach on their Facebook page  and the engagement level, allowing them start thinking of new ways to leverage this community.

"Spitche is a new way to engage consumers with a unique brand experience. Thanks to the gamification system, we implemented an innovative strategy to interact with our loyal customers. It is a helpful tool to increase our ambassador engagement and multiply awareness through a real-life community that will grow our brand’s trust. In our first two months using Spitche, we received valuable user-generated content from our community on Instagram and increased our engagement rate by +37%. For us, it is the strategy of the future.”
Florent Guieu
CEO, Decathlon Ukraine