So much organic engagement, they could cut ad spend by half







Spitche has finally cracked the code for getting our consumers to talk about our brand on social media. Because of Spitche, our country market has the highest organic engagement in the entire company, and we reached a double-digit share of voice on Facebook. I've managed to cut back our ad spend without hurting reach or engagement—it's a tool I wish I had started using a long time ago.

Iulia Dirzu

Digital Specialist, Bioderma Romania


Ad spend reduction due to organic engagement


Of Instagram comments are made by ambassadors


Ambassadors signed up for the program


Of UGC is created by ambassadors


Referrals to the ambassador program


New Instagram followers within 3 months of launching program

The challenge

  • Bioderma Romania had a huge audience on Facebook and Instagram and spent hours creating content every week, but struggled to get more than a few likes and comments on their organic posts.
  • They wanted to reduce CAC and find a way to reduce or replace ad spend with organic growth.
  • Without Spitche, they struggled to get their community to talk about their brand online, let alone create content about it.


  • Bioderma worked with Spitche to launch the social media ambassadors program and now have over 9000 ambassadors getting rewarded to engage with their social media content.
  • They can keep track of all their ambassadors and their social data, and have been able to reduce ad spend by 50%, not only because of the boost of organic reach but also because of the data they receive from their ambassadors to remarket to them.
  • Instagram and Facebook organic reach are steadily growing month over month, with less and less dependence on paid ads to actually reach their desired audience.
  • Bioderma Romania is the-best performing market on social of all bioderma brands.


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