7 Must-Have Customer Advocacy Software in 2024

Navigating through the myriad of customer advocacy software available in 2024 is overwhelming.

Yet, it’s undeniable that incorporating customer advocacy tools into your marketing arsenal is crucial for amplifying your brand’s voice, improving retention, enhancing customer loyalty, and driving organic growth through authentic advocacy marketing.

In essence, these tools empower your most satisfied customers to become brand champions, allowing marketing teams to leverage genuine user testimonials and feedback to drive word-of-mouth revenue.

To demystify the landscape of top-tier customer advocacy software, I spoke to industry experts and asked them which tools they like best and why.

Keep scrolling 👇 to uncover the essential tools they recommend for nurturing brand advocates and exceeding marketing objectives internally.

Best customer advocacy software in 2024

This list has been researched, vetted and updated for 2024, including tools that you might not find on the other lists!

1. Spitche

Spitche dashboard ambassador metrics view

Every marketing team requires a robust customer advocacy platform to elevate their brand through genuine customer engagement. Spitche is the platform that accomplishes this, empowering brands with gamification and customer data tools to transform their customers into vocal brand advocates.

Leveraging Spitche’s intuitive engagement suite, brands can reward consumers and audiences for engaging on social media, creating and sharing UGC, referring new customers, finding new customer advocates and much more.

This approach not only bypasses traditional advertising barriers but also harnesses the power of social proof to drive brand loyalty and attract new business. Spitche users collect first-party data, helping them balance paid and organic acquisition costs.

The best thing about Spitche is that it’s not just a software—it’s an all-in-one solution. We have an implementation team that creates campaigns for you and manages your whole customer advocacy program from acquisition to monetization of your audiences.

Best Features:

  • Fully managed by account management team, giving your team more bandwidth
  • Identifying top consumers to turn them into brand ambassadors
  • Gamified loyalty programs to maximize social media engagement
  • Detail analytics and first-party data for segmentation and personalization
  • Deep social media API
  • UGC management
  • Rewards automation
  • Data gathering for integrated CRM and marketing optimization
  • User-friendly interface with quick & simple program launch 
  • Account management and personalized customer support and onboarding

Best For:

  • Business schools and brands mid market and up that have an existing large audience they want to learn about, leverage and monetize

2. Referral Factory

Referral Factory is a platform designed for businesses looking to implement and manage referral programs. It offers a range of customizable templates that allow companies to set up referral schemes that fit their branding and marketing objectives.

The platform supports the creation of various referral program types, enabling users to encourage their customers to refer new clients through incentives.

The tool integrates with multiple CRMs, facilitating the tracking of referrals, management of rewards, and analysis of campaign effectiveness with efficiency. With a large knowledge base and library of FAQs, users are well prepared to jump into the program rapidly.

Best Features:

  • Deep integrations with many CRMs and Stripe
  • Library of templates
  • Drag and drop referral program builder
  • Pop-ups, widgets and other tools to promote your referral marketing initiative
  • Built-in referral tracking
  • Automate rewards tracking

Best For:

  • Small businesses with a referral program.

3. UserEvidence

UserEvidence is a platform tailored for B2B tech companies to automate the collection and management of customer feedback and success stories. It simplifies sourcing and organizing testimonials and case studies, making it easier for businesses to highlight customer satisfaction and success.

The platform enables the creation of marketing materials from real customer evidence and integrates with CRM and marketing tools, enhancing sales and marketing strategies with authentic proof of product value. This approach aids in effectively demonstrating product impact, potentially accelerating the sales process and improving conversion rates.

Best Features:

  • Drag and drop design editor to create social proof designs
  • Scalable customer feedback collection
  • Specialized in B2B tech
  • Repurpose customer feedback reviews into review websites
  • Identify top customers

Best For:

  • B2B SaaS companies that want to build a social proof motion

4. Referral Candy

ReferralCandy facilitates the creation and management of referral programs for e-commerce businesses, encouraging customers to refer friends in exchange for rewards.

It automates referral tracking and reward distribution, integrates with major e-commerce platforms, and offers customizable campaigns and detailed analytics to optimize referral strategies and boost sales.

Best Features:

  • Automated referral tracking
  • Wide number of integrations
  • Customizable campaigns
  • Automatic reward distribution
  • Detailed analytics
  • Fraud prevention
  • Multi-language support
  • Customizable email templates

Best For:

  • Growing ecommerce companies that want an automated referral program


GRIN is an influencer marketing platform designed for direct-to-consumer brands to streamline their influencer campaigns. It enables efficient influencer discovery, relationship management, and campaign execution by integrating directly with e-commerce platforms. This allows brands to collaborate seamlessly with influencers, ensuring authentic endorsements and content alignment with brand values.

The platform offers robust features like a comprehensive influencer CRM, e-commerce integration for easy product seeding, and detailed analytics for tracking campaign performance. With GRIN, brands can effectively manage their influencer relationships, optimize campaigns, and measure success through engagement and conversion metrics, all from a single dashboard.

Best Features:

  1. Efficient influencer discovery and vetting
  2. Comprehensive influencer relationship management
  3. Streamlined campaign execution and tracking
  4. Content management tools
  5. Direct e-commerce platform integration
  6. Advanced analytics for performance measurement

Best For:

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) companies that have a focus on leveraging influencer marketing to drive brand awareness and sales.

6. Cello

Cello is a user-led growth platform that enables SaaS companies to quickly launch peer-to-peer referral programs. It offers easy integration, automated billing, and a flexible reward system, simplifying the referral process. The platform features powerful analytics for tracking performance and a success-based pricing model, making it cost-effective for businesses to implement.

Designed to facilitate viral growth, Cello supports multiple languages and geographies, catering to a global audience. With high satisfaction ratings, it’s recognized for transforming users into a significant growth channel by providing a seamless and rewarding sharing experience.

Best Features:

  1. Quick launch for peer-to-peer referral programs.
  2. Seamless integration with e-commerce and CRM tools.
  3. Automated billing, payouts, and administration.
  4. Flexible, automated reward systems.
  5. Real-time tracking with robust analytics tools.
  6. Success-based pricing model.
  7. Supports multiple languages and geographies.

Best For:

  • SaaS companies that have a focus on leveraging user-led growth strategies.

7. First Promoter

First Promoter streamlines referral and influencer marketing, boosting customer loyalty and brand awareness through effective word-of-mouth strategies. Tailored for SaaS companies, it offers seamless integrations, automating workflows to enhance customer retention and engagement. The platform’s customizable campaigns incentivize brand ambassadors, optimizing referral programs for acquiring new customers.

Its user-friendly interface simplifies management of marketing campaigns, using social media and real-time analytics to improve customer relationships and retention. First Promoter turns users into loyal customers and brand advocates, directly contributing to brand advocacy and customer experience improvement.

Best Features:

  1. Automated referral and influencer marketing workflows.
  2. Seamless integrations with SaaS and ecommerce platforms.
  3. Customizable campaigns and incentives for brand ambassadors.
  4. User-friendly management interface for easy campaign oversight.
  5. Real-time analytics for tracking customer engagement and retention.
  6. Social media leveraging for increased brand awareness.
  7. Simplifies customer retention and brand advocacy efforts.
  8. Streamlines acquisition of new customers through referrals.

Best For:

SaaS and ecommerce companies that have a focus on leveraging referral and influencer marketing to drive growth.

What is customer advocacy software?

Customer advocacy tools amplify word-of-mouth marketing and enhance brand loyalty by transforming satisfied customers into vocal brand supporters. Customer advocacy software examples include all-in-one consumer data & gamified engagement solutions like Spitche.

Why use customer advocacy software?

Customer advocacy platforms can revolutionize the way brands engage with their customers, turning them into powerful allies.

Loyalty, engagement, trust, and advocacy are all significantly boosted through the strategic use of customer advocacy tools. By enriching your marketing mix with these platforms, you equip your brand with the resources necessary for cultivating genuine brand ambassadors.

Here’s how implementing a customer advocacy tool like Spitche has empowered three leading companies to elevate their marketing:

L’Oreal Canada:

  • 70% of ambassadors opted into email list
  • 4500+ ambassadors signed up to the program
  • 3x higher purchasing frequency from ambassadors
  • Highest level of engagement across all L’Oreal regions