TokyWoky vs Roster vs Spitche: Detailed Review

C2C marketing that’s powered up with gamification, points, rewards, and data is the future of organic reach and engagement. And the stats back this view:

  • 70% of L’Oreal’s ambassadors for the customer advocacy campaign designed with Spitche opted in to their email list.
  • In two months, Decathlon increased its organic engagement on Facebook by 37%.
  • ISC Paris grew its reach per post by 53% in just one month.

So, the strategy is solid. What about the platform?

If you need to contrast and compare TokyWoky vs Roster, this overview summarizes the features, processes, and benefits of each. You’ll see how they work, how they’re similar, and how they’re different.

🌟 Also, we introduce you to Spitche, an intuitive platform that rewards customer advocacy, which you can start using in minutes to generate buzz for your brand and ROI. 🌟


TokyWoky helps you build a community of core fans, who you then incentivize to promote your brand and create ROI.

TokyWoky focuses on creating a community of your most loyal customers, which you can then use to create engagement, drive word-of-mouth advocacy, and generate UGC. To help develop that community, TokyWoky will provide you with a dedicated team, including a ‘Community Architect’ and ‘Community Manager.’ Once you’ve established your business goals and metrics, you can launch the community platform, which might include strategies like product testing, group discussions, competitions, and gamification.

With your program underway, you can use TokyWoky’s software to track success and ROI, and see customer reviews, social interactions, referrals, and social selling. Meanwhile, TokyWoky’s communities and incentives help you drive UGC, like DIY project cards, product photos, and testimonials, which you can showcase in your ad campaign’s social media content, and onsite. Lots of users point out the great support team and there being a lot of functionality for customers, though there are some areas that lack automation on the admin side.

Top features

  • Community development
  • Advanced gamification, rewards, social selling, and referrals
  • Product testing and reviews
  • UGC creation
  • CRM integrations


The Roster dashboard includes content tag management, detailed community profiles, and milestone setting for your advocacy programs.

Roster, which mainly works with sports brands, helps you build communities of ambassadors, which you can then drive to promote your brand via interactions on social media, UGC, and referrals. You can use the software’s ‘listening tools’ to help you identify your most vocal customers, so you can invite them to your advocacy programs. These allow you to create incentives like points, rewards, and commissions, and can be organized into segments by ambassador types. The platform’s integrated CRM lets you track your ambassadors’ actions, while the dashboard provides comprehensive analytics and reporting.

Roster’s extensive integrations—including with project management, email marketing, and eCommerce platforms—help you streamline your processes and handle tasks like making cash reward payments. Online reviews seem to agree that despite getting used to the software being a little slow (“The learning curve was a little hard for me to navigate,” “It takes a little time to get up and running”) it’s a great platform with lots of features: “Love the content syncing to the platform and ease of bulk payouts. Custom programs and campaigns make it easy to ensure we are meeting our community’s needs.”

Top features

  • Community platform, including ‘social listening’ and the CRM
  • Campaigns, with referral tracking, and ambassador portal
  • Custom rewards and instant payments via PayPal and Venmo integrations
  • Analytics and reporting
  • eCommerce, project management, and email marketing integrations

👀 Spitche: Drive customer advocacy with gamification & rewards

Spitche is a next-gen customer advocacy solution that works by identifying your most engaged consumers on Instagram, Facebook, and TitTok, and incentivizing them to become brand ambassadors.

With a Spitche program, you grow your social media presence and drive UGC, plus it’s super user-friendly—you can create a new ambassador program in literally minutes—and you can use the data to populate the integrated CRM and inform how you create future campaigns.

Spitche platform showing UGC metrics page

Caption: Spitche makes sharing fun—and incentivizes interactions, UGC, and positive engagement.


🔧 Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a customer advocacy program in the Spitche platform. This gamifies social media interactions with your brand using points, goals, and rewards.
  2. Use Spitche to invite your biggest fans to the program. Your future brand ambassadors register their social media accounts with you.
  3. Your customer advocates now start amplifying content. This increases your organic reach, followers, and social media engagement.

Spitche’s intuitive software rewards the customer advocacy of your community, so you get the original content of genuine brand lovers to supercharge your social media campaigns.

And, you can use data from your programs to track social media interactions, event participation, and product interest. Setting KPIs and analyzing metrics is simple, and will help you hone your strategy to boost audience engagement.

🎩 Top features

  • Gamified customer advocacy programs to maximize social media engagement
  • Deep social media API
  • Advanced UGC management
  • Data gathering for integrated CRM and marketing optimization
  • User-friendly interface with quick & simple program launch
  • Exclusive integration with Primsell for NFT campaigns

🤩 The social-proof bit

“After 6 months, 70% of our fan base were new contacts, our social ads targeting performed above our average performance and our Index also grew. Mission accomplished!”

Laurent Dubois, L’Oréal

“With Spitche, we managed to reach over 2.7M users in our target audience on Facebook organically, turning over 30k followers to identified and engaged ambassadors.” 

Yoann Robert, TF1 Groupe

Make more of your best customers

If there are people who love what you do, give them a reason to share it with the world—so you can tap into their communities, inspire UGC, and promote your brand in a way that resonates with your target audience.

Spitche’s end-to-end platform lets you set up brand ambassador programs, identify your best customers, and invite them along for the ride in minutes. Then you can use the platform to manage your campaigns, track performance, and learn more about your followers.

🐝 By turning your loyal customers into your strongest marketing asset, you can create a buzz for your brand and start driving stunning engagement metrics and ROI.