Fashionistas, fashion bloggers, and just people who want to be fashionable have one thing in common: they want to stay on top of trends, and follow fashion brands that show them the life they’re looking for.

Social media for today’s fashion brands needs to drive loyalty with a rock-solid presence on social media platforms, thereby strengthening their brand image in the eyes of the public. And showing up isn’t enough. They need a carefully planned social media strategy. According to Forbes, 62% of millennials want to communicate with brands through social media, and 60% cite brand loyalty as a major influence in purchasing decisions. Social media marketing is the digital marketing outlet for a fashion brand strategy.

And social media shouldn’t only be used as a marketing strategy. Social media is now the channel for customer service, interaction with customers, building loyalty, building communities, and even for creating click-and-shop content. So, fashion brands, let’s talk about how you are going to promote your products by looking at the social media strategy for fashion brands that have rocked the industry.


Adidas Originals

Social Media Strategy Taken From Successful Fashion Brands

Photo by Camilla Carvalho from Unsplash


With 32 million Instagram followers, over 32 million likes on Facebook, and 4 million followers on Twitter, Adidas Originals is the heritage line from the sportswear company Adidas, and it has fiercely loyal customer base. It’s not a luxury brand, but high-profile influencers like Kylie Jenner still rock their gear–and not only when they’re working out. Their social media strategy is on point. Let’s take a look at how they create content for their brand messaging.

Adidas Originals has positioned itself as a cult lifestyle brand by using celebrity influencers and has even more followers on Instagram and Facebook than Adidas itself. They took creating hype with influencers next level when they created personalized, out-of-home ads for every influencer they targeted. With this marketing campaign, the brand didn’t even need to create any of the social media content on its own.


Influencers took it upon themselves to share the content, and User Generated Content (UGC) is what creates the best hype around a fashion brand. Adidas Originals social strategy has centered around celebrities and mega-influencers, and they’ve created tons of campaigns with celebrity fashion designers as well.


Urban Outfitters

Social Media Strategy Taken From Successful Fashion Brands

Urban Outfitters on Pinterest

Urban Outfitters is killing the social media game, with more engagement and followers than Diesel, Ralph Lauren, ModCloth, and Abercrombie and Fitch. What gives?

Urban Outfitters has successfully mastered the Art of Crossposting. It looks at its most successful posts, from Instagram stories, to Facebook blogs, and crossposts them on Pinterest or Tumblr, maximizing longevity and engagement with the content. Capitalizing on content distribution is what has kept all their competitors eating their dust in terms of social media engagement.

But not only does the home, lifestyle and fashion brand cross-post its content across different social media channels, it cross-promotes its content by partnering with other brands that are in line with their fan’s tastes. For instance, when it partnered with Vans, its engagement peaked to record highs, at 318,000 likes and comments.



Aerie had the magical combination of mixing User Generated Content with a good cause. There’s no better mix of ingredients for an explosive fashion brand campaign.

In the age of excessive photoshopping in fashion advertising, Aeries decided to focus on fashion’s impact on healthy body image and self esteem of girls and women who see these ads daily. Aerie, being the caring brand that it is (#brandgoals), pledged to never photoshop their photos. And they encouraged their customers to share their unretouched bikini photos in the name of healthy body images! Users, of course, were encouraged to use their branded hashtag #AerieReal.


Top Tips Takeaway

What we can draw from these fantastically successful campaigns are the following:

  • Create hype about new products through influencers.
  • Collaborate with influencers, big and small!
  • Influencers are also valuable sources of User Generated Content, if you play your strategy right.
  • Content distribution is important, cross-post and repurpose social media content.
  • Use Pinterest, Tumblr, and all social media channels.
  • Support a cause in your marketing campaigns.
  • Create a branded hashtag for your UGC and campaigns.

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