One assumption drove our mission forward since the beginning of Spitche: It should be easy for your community to help you grow. 

We’ve always focused on helping you engage your community and increase your organic reach on Facebook

Facebook is still the platform with the most users. 2.7 billion users isn’t a trivial number, but that doesn’t there’s no community on other platforms. It doesn’t mean your community on Instagram doesn’t deserve your attention.

And now that Instagram has launched the Instagram Shop in July, we figured that we’d better find a way for you to give them that attention. We wondered: what’s the best way for brands to leverage the communities they have on Instagram?

So, we answered that question with another one. What if they could reward their customers for engaging with their Instagram content?

Spitche – Instagram Integration

Today, we’re very excited to announce our integration with Instagram—a new, organic way to reward your Instagram community for engaging with your brand. This integration will allow you to give points to users who tag your brand on Instagram.

Imagine this: a customer tags your brand in comments or user-generated content to win points.

A non-customer see the tag, checks you out, likes your stuff, and sees they can win some merch too. All they have to do is sign up to the promotion and tag you.

What will this feature look like for you?

The rewards and gamification make them happy to participate. In return, you get:

  • Customer data
  • More organic reach
  • More loyal customers
  • Real ROI on your social media content

This is big, guys.

What will it look like?

Essentially, the platform will look the same as before. When users sign up, you get the dashboard where you can see their names, email addresses, activity and points. 

Instagram crm

You’ll be able to toggle between Facebook and Instagram and track your mentions in comments, photos or videos, and you’ll be able to easily visualize the rewards given, points racked and top ambassadors.

Once Instagram is running, your ambassadors merge. So you won’t have duplicate contacts on both platforms. Your list will have a full picture of their activity on both platforms—a single source of truth—and your users only need to sign up once.

Instagram dashboard

Will you try it?

More engagement, less ad spend

We’ve always thought that community is the most important thing. They love you, and you should love them back!

We think that if you’re going to “pay to play”, why not pay your customers with rewards instead of Zuckerbeg? If you haven’t tried Spitche yet, it’s a platform that lets you reward your customers for engaging with your brand online. That means you get content distribution, increased organic reach, a loyalty program and a lead generation tool all in one.

Can’t believe it exists? Book a demo with one of our community engagement expert and see for yourself.