marketing optimization

Base your marketing strategy on accurate consumer data

Understand how, when, and where the consumers interact with your brand, optimize the experience you provide, and your marketing efforts to their behavior and preferences.

From creating lookalike audiences on social media to advertising the right product and reaching segments of your community with the right message and offer, base your marketing efforts on the data produced by the most engaged consumers and their experience with your brand.

“Spitche is a new way to engage consumers with a unique brand experience. Thanks to the gamification system, we implemented an innovative strategy to interact with our loyal customers. It is a helpful tool to increase our ambassador engagement and multiply awareness through a real-life community that will grow our brand’s trust.

In our first two months using Spitche, we received valuable user-generated content from our community on Instagram and increased our engagement rate by +37%. For us, it is the strategy of the future.”.”

Anastasia Bougerolles, Marketing Lead, Decathlon
Marketing optimization

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Customize your brand ambassador page, set a value to the different engagement and loyalty actions, and start communicating to your community through your website and social media.

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