You better watch out, you better not cry.

You better not pout, I’m tellin’ you why.

Christmas Marketing Campaign season is coming to town…

And it’s time for you to make your list AND check it twice. Is your online store ready for the Christmas season?

Halloween is over, your moneymaking Black Friday campaign is a thing of the past, and suddenly it’s the holiday season.

But did you know many of your competitors have been planning their Christmas campaigns since July? Okay, you can go ahead and cry now.

If you haven’t started thinking of Christmas marketing ideas and your holiday social media campaigns yet, you’re WAY behind your competition.



You’re probably already aware of that, hence your reading this blog post.

It’s hard for small businesses to stay on top of holiday marketing campaigns and compete with major corporations that have entire departments dedicated only to that.

But don’t worry. You can still save your Christmas sales!

If you start now, you can throw something together to get an effective Christmas campaign for your ecommerce platform.


Offer Expedited Shipping Free-Of-Charge

You are certainly not the only last-minute planner.

Procrastination is a real thing.

Many people don’t start their gift shopping until a short time before Christmas, only to realize that they might not receive their package on time.

Shipping is a major issue for buyers in regular online retailing, but even more during the holiday season: these last-minute shoppers will need it free, and ASAP.

To gift givers, anything that arrives after the sacred 25th day of December won’t be worth the cardboard it’s shipped in. That applies even if the customer LOVES your brand.

Making sure that your clients can get the gift on time, without punishing their untimeliness, will be the decisive factor of whether they purchase from you or not.

If you can’t afford to offer free shipping, use a purchasing threshold to encourage customers to spend a certain amount before they can get the juicy offer.

Tip: Make a quick and beautiful promotional image using Crello to promote your free shipping offer, and reward your loyal customers for sharing it on social media!


Use A Banner and Social Media To Create Urgency On Stamp & Ship Day


Before offering your free, last-minute shipping, build urgency around stamp and ship day.

Stamp and ship day is the last day people can purchase objects online to receive them on time for December 24th with standard shipping.

For 2018, this day is December 14th. The free shipping, last-minute date is December 18th. Add a website notification banner with a countdown to this day.

While creating a sense of urgency, you’ll also be creating a sense of security when you assure your customers they’ll get their gift on time if they order before the countdown hits the big 0.


Create A Social Giveaway Contest

People spend tons of money during the holidays. Why not offer them something for free? It’ll create buzz around your brand and make people feel that warm, holly-jolly Christmas joy.

Offer your customers a chance to win something for free if they share, comment and like your post. Be sure to include a link to your Christmas sales page on the post.

You can even multiply the benefits of the giveaway by creating a promotional advent calendar: one gift for every day leading up to the big day.

Free giveaways creates excitement about your brand online , increases traffic and creates engagement. You’ll have to give away a couple of things to get far, far more in return.


Use Email Marketing To Promote Last-Minute Offers

Don’t underestimate the power of your email marketing campaign. It’s not too late.

Some people go broke buying gifts for their friends and family. There’s mom, dad, uncle Frederic, auntie Alex, and your brother — oh wait, didn’t he get married? Didn’t they have kids, too?

You get the picture. Gift-buying adds up quickly. Offer your loyal subscribers an exclusive flash sale that will help them get something for everyone.


Build Loyalty With Post-Holiday Thank You Vouchers

After the holiday sales are over, send a discount code to customers who bought with you during the Christmas season.

If they don’t love your brand yet, it’s an easy way to turn one-time customers into loyal, lifelong ones. And loyal customers are more profitable than new customers.

Give them a free item or a discount voucher for future purchases.


Use Last Minute Christmas Shopping To Build Loyalty

By offering your customers an easy way to do their last-minute Christmas shopping, you’re making their lives easier. Build trust with your customers and reward them for their loyalty by making everything as easy as possible for them.

If they’re winning, you’re winning.

Free shipping, last-minute offers, and lightening-quick customer service is the way to go.

Want to learn more about how to build loyalty in the holiday season? Leave a comment below!