Category: Brand loyalty

June 22, 2023

Leveraging Gamification to Drive Engagement and Community Participation: understanding the evolving path to purchase

If you’re looking for innovative ways to engage your customers and build active communities around your products or services, then gamification is something new to

June 15, 2023

How consumers are finding products in 2023? Social media shopping: the impact of influencers on consumer product choices

Social media platforms have become more than just a way to connect with friends and family. They have evolved into vibrant marketplaces where consumers can

April 30, 2023

How to Get Earned Media Coverage Via Social Media

There are 3.8 billion social media account holders worldwide, which is almost half of the world’s population. Your social media channels offer the chance to

April 30, 2023

4 Proven Lead Generation Strategies

Gone are the days of door-to-door sales, where lead generation meant making an immediate sale. In the digital world, lead generation is a part of