brand loyalty

Keep hold of the people who are more likely to buy from you again

Encourage your customers to purchase more and more often by rewarding them every time they complete an order on your e-commerce website. Increase retention and grow your brand by looking after your existing shopper instead of running after potential new customers.

Reward your customers when they purchase from you with discount codes, exclusive offers, experiences, and access to member-only promotions.

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Brand Loyalty

“Spitche is a new way to engage consumers with a unique brand experience. Thanks to the gamification system, we implemented an innovative strategy to interact with our loyal customers. It is a helpful tool to increase our ambassador engagement and multiply awareness through a real-life community that will grow our brand’s trust.”

Anastasia Bougerolles, Marketing Lead, Decathlon
Brand Loyalty

Set-up and launch your program in minutes

Customize your brand ambassador page, set a value to the different social media engagement and loyalty actions, and start communicating to your community through your website and social media.

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