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Identify, engage, understand and optimize

Spitche Brand Experience Software (BX) helps you identify and reward your consumers based on their social media engagement, content generation, loyalty, referrals, turning your marketing efforts into data-driven strategies.

brand ambassador

Brand ambassador community

Create and customize a space for the most engaged members of your community, allowing you to reward them for their engagement and turning them into loyal brand ambassadors.

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social media engagement

Social media engagement

Incentivize your community’s social media engagement on Facebook and Instagram. Reward your most engaged ambassadors for their likes, comments, shares, and friends’ actions to increase your brand awareness and reputation.

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User-generated content

Encourage your ambassadors to produce quality visual content for your brand, which you can reuse as social proof on your website, feature on your social media pages, advertising campaigns, or product pages to connect better with your audience.

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Brand loyalty

Reward your community for their purchases with points and special offers to retain them, increase their overall lifecycle value and turn them into valuable ambassadors and brand advocates.

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consumer data

Consumer data

Identify and collect data on your most engaged consumers’ profile, engagement, and loyalty. Get a complete understanding of who your top ambassadors are, what they like, what motivates them, and how they interact with your brand at different touchpoints of your brand journey.

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marketing optimization

Marketing optimization

Base your success and strategy on the data collected with your program and optimize your consumer’s journey. Turn your marketing messages, advertising efforts, and paid campaigns into customer-centric, data-driven actions with a high return on investment.

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“Spitche is a new way to engage consumers with a unique brand experience. Thanks to the gamification system, we implemented an innovative strategy to interact with our loyal customers. It is a helpful tool to increase our ambassador engagement and multiply awareness through a real-life community that will grow our brand’s trust.

In our first two months using Spitche, we received valuable user-generated content from our community on Instagram and increased our engagement rate by +37%. For us, it is the strategy of the future.”

Anastasia Bougerolles, Marketing Lead , Decathlon

“While being a small business Spitche allowed us to develop a straightforward programme to invite new and relatable nano-influencers to showcase exclusive offers and create a personal connection to a clear target audience.

Easy to set up and join, Spitche has made time management for the team much easier while adding more exclusive elements to the business for said ambassadors.”

Zoe Errington, Campaign Manager, Henmores

“Spitche is a powerful and intuitive platform, easy to manage and to use. We implemented our ambassadors’ program to stay in touch with our community, and we quickly onboarded and identified more than 100 new ambassadors, and it’s still increasing!
We are delighted with what we have achieved so far. It has a significant impact on our brand and, in addition, Spitche’s team is always making sure that everything is working well and that our program runs successfully. We are confident this tool is an essential part of our ambassador strategy’s success.”

Pamela Abad, Head of Global Alumni, EAE Business School

“Using Spitche, we found a new way to engage our community and an efficient tool to identify our top ambassadors. After only one month of use, results were visible, and our organic reach and engagement rate on social media increased drastically (+25% and 250%, respectively).”

Xavier de Rosamel, former Chief Marketing Officer, Weekendesk
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Spitche | Brand Experience Software

Set-up and launch your program in minutes

Customize your brand ambassador page, set a value to the different engagement and loyalty actions, and start communicating to your community through your website and social media.

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Latest news.

[WEBINAR] Lucas Helaouet, Head of Marketing and Product, talks about Organic marketing methods that increase brand awareness, reaching your ideal customers, and establishing relationships, as well as the importance of creating your brand’s community.
Conference organized by Printful.

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