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Empowering your digital strategy through Ambassadors

We are here to help you leverage the power of your social media with great ambassadors  

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Engage brand ambassadors through a digital influence marketing and create a powerful crowd advocacy

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Using social selling through the entire company’s ecosystem generates a better, faster and stronger growth

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Infinite Brand Influence  

Tell me, how does actually Spitche work ?  

Today people have multiple connections on different social media channels. Therefore we can say everyone is a media and an influencer!  Spitche helps brands to connect and make business with their ambassadors

It is important to engage Ambassadors to your content

Spitche allows you to reach a network of people that you couldn’t normally reach, thanks to your ambassadors who open their network to you.


Spitche also allows you to track what your ambassadors share and see what they like from you.

You will be able to know exactly their interest. Therefore you can know which content will work, which content to send to the right person.

Ambassadors allow you to humanise your brand by putting faces to your company image  

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